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Hospitals that can provide services in various languages and are recognized by the prefectural government as "well-equipped for foreign patients" are introduced here.

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If you do not know which hospital to go to
(Medical Subjects)

If you do not know which hospital to go to
(Medical Subjects)

In Japan, the hospital you go to depends on the symptoms of your illness. All common illnesses belong to internal medicine (Naika), so if you do not know where to go, first try to find a hospital that has internal medicine(Naika).

About the Cost

In Japan, 30% of the cost of treatment is covered by the health insurance card. Health insurance is a system that all residents of Japan are covered by. However, in some cases, such as special treatments, the insurance does not cover the full cost of the treatment. In addition, many cosmetic treatments are not covered by insurance, so please check in advance.

How to Respond to Emergencies

In case of emergency, call "119" to call an ambulance; the 119 number is available in 17 languages. There is no charge for the use of an ambulance, but it is only available for serious illnesses.

How to use the hospital search site

Introduction of Hospitals in Japan

Hospitals that provide services in various languages in each region are introduced here.
You can check the list of medical institutions in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean in PDF format.