Here are two recommended sites for "Apartment/ Condominium " and "Shared House".

Apartment or Condominium

In Japan, people often live in apartments/condominiums. Depending on the property, apartments are often made of wood and feature lower rent.
On the other hand, condominiums are made of reinforced concrete and rent is higher than apartments, but they have thicker walls than apartments, so they are less noisy, insulated, and more comfortable to live in.

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Shared House

Mainly, each person has a private room, and the living room is shared. They are especially popular among English-speaking foreigners and Japanese who can speak English. Some properties are shared by both genders, while others are exclusively for women.

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If you apply via KAGEMUSHA, you will get a discount of 10,000 yen discount on the commission fee compared to normal.
*There are some properties that are not eligible for the discount, so please contact the real estate agency directly to see if your property is eligible for the discount.

*The discount amount is subject to change without notice.