Let's understand the Internet situation in Japan.
Many companies in Japan sell wi-fi and SIM cards, but services for foreigners are limited. Here we provide information on the types of internet, how to get a contract, and the best deals.

Mobile Phone Companies (Carriers) in Japan

There are four main companies (We call them “carriers”) that provide cell phone services in Japan.


In addition to the services provided by these four companies, there are many companies that use the lines of one of these four companies to provide other services.

*Example: UQ mobile, mineo, Aeon Mobile, etc.

Types of Internet

There are four types of Internet in Japan: "Data plan contract with the carrier," SIM Cards," "pocket Wi-fi," and "Home Internet (optical fiber connection for Wi-Fi).
The type of Internet plan you should sign up for depends on where you use the Internet most often.
Let's take a look at each plan below.

Carrier Data Plans

This is a method of signing up for a cellular phone plan with one of the four major carriers. In addition to being a contract with a major telecommunications service provider, the advantage is that the internet speed is stable, but it is more expensive than a cheap SIM cards.

SIM Cards

You can use a cell phone at a lower cost with affordable SIM cards. Compared to carrier data plan subscriptions, the internet speed is a little slower, but not inconveniently slow and can be used normally.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wi-Fi is convenient because it is portable, but it requires charging, so care should be taken when using it outside for long periods of time.

Home Internet (Optical fiber line installation for Wi-fi)

Optical fiber line installation requires construction to pull Wi-fi to the house. To request installation, you need to make a phone reservation and need Japanese language skills, so many foreigners use cheap SIMs or pocket Wi-fi until they become to get used to Japan.

How to sign up for the Internet

This section introduces the methods and precautions for foreigners to sign up for the Internet.
You will need to confirm what is required when signing up and understand the screening criteria, as some plans are subject to screening.

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